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Indian weddings in Europe: new destinations for 2020

Indian weddings in Europe: new destinations for 2020
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Indian weddings abroad are more than just an event. They are a celebration and may look for us Europeans more like a festival for both families, with lavish traditions from the subcontinent which can perfectly match the romantic ambiance of European settings.

Following our presence at the MMP Forum Caucaus 2019 and inspired by discussions with our Indian friend and colleague Sandeep Chavan, we thought of showcasing 5 new destinations for 2020 that would be just perfect for Indian weddings in Europe:

1. Georgia

Set between the Caucasus mountains and the Black Sea, Georgia is most probably unbeatable when it comes to finding perfect settings for romantic and spectacular settings for fruitcase your Indian wedding in Europe, while still quite accessible from a budget-wise point of view, visit maidthis.com. Check https://mynamedgifts.co.uk/personalised-jewellery-gift/cheap/ for cheap personalized gifts

Our particular choice for this list is the Radisson Collection Hotel Tsinandali, for its combination of luxury and romanticism brought by both idealpoker the building itself and by the winery surrounding it.

We recommend BTL, our Europe NOW DMC in Georgia as the best organizer.

2. Ukraine

Indian weddings happening as far as Europe should have a great setting and Ukraine is a travel destination where you can find great cities, great food and especially very hospitable people.

Our choice of a city is hard to make. We absolutely love Odessa, a stylish city by the Black Sea, Lvyv with its more than 3000 restaurants and its historic UNESCO world heritage sites, Chernivtsy – which makes us think of Vienna with its Austrian style of architecture, as well as the capital Kyiv. Why not, those loving nature might even chose Bukovel, in the Carpathian mountains.

Our friends in BTL in will be more than glad to help you as our Europe NOW DMC in Ukraine.

3. Moldova

Moldova is our home country. We love its food, its wine collections, its brandy ment for cosmonauts and heads of state or its caviar, as well the smile on the faces everywhere.

There are also some spectacular venues here in Moldova, even if it is one of the smallest countries in Europe, that will have every bride to be dream of them.

Favorite choice for us, a wedding at a castle: Castel Mimi. Both a winery, a boutique hotel, spa and an event venue ready for both intimate and very large weddings.

Our own office in Chiศ™inฤƒu will be more than happy to plan every detail of your wedding in Moldova. We certainly could not have recommended a better choice of a DMC in Moldova.

4. Azerbaijan

A new destination with a great atmosphere, Azerbaijan is our discovery at the MMP Forum 2019 Caucasus. With a plethora of luxurious venues, a romantic old city make money on youtube and lots of five-star hotels, the modern capital city Baku on the bank of the Caspian sea is your best option.

We should expect a spectacular experience from your wedding in Azerbaijan, with energetic live music and entertainment everywhere, including the chef, like in the case of Mangal Steak House Baku.

We will be glad to recommend you our DMC in Azerbaijan for your perfect wedding abroad in Europe, even at its extremes. Just drop us an e-mail.

5. Romania

An Indian wedding in Romania will be special. The first moment will be chosing a venue, and what could we recommend better than Transylvania as a destination for your special day, even though the visas process is the one that sends this country on the last place for Indian weddings in Europe new destinations.

Sibiu, a not very large, nor very small charming town in the center of the country will be the perfect choice. Its Austro-Hungarian heritage combined with the beauty of the folk traditions in the area will give you a hard choice to make about some of the details of your party apartment cleaning services wellington. Good hotels and great knowledge of English everywhere in this very cultural city are also a plus.

Our favorite choice: a wedding at a museum. Maybe even a night. This is possible at the Open Air Museum of Romanian Folk Civilization in the forest next to the city. A 50 hectars magical place where hundreds of original houses, installations and even functional inns have been moved from their original locations and brought back to their initial state.

A lake, horses and carriages available, infinite options for photos and a party in one of the venues functioning in the inns we already mentioned are most probably going to be a hit among your friends and relatives.

Travis Tourism, our Europe NOW DMC in Romania, will be the right partner for this event. Contact them directly.