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ATG and IBM join forces în revolutionary use of AI for business travel

ATG and IBM join forces în revolutionary use of AI for business travel

ATG Business Travel Management, a leading worldwide TMC featuring several members of Europe NOW DMC Partners, and IBM have announced a strategic partnership, with sights set on revolutionizing the business travel industry.

“Through this partnership, we intend to change the way business travelers book trips, how they travel, how they are supported while traveling and how they wrap up their trip with expense reporting and trip success analytics.” said Tammy Krings, CEO at ATG Worldwide, B.V., based in Utrecht, Netherlands.

ATG Business Travel Management is revolutionizing the business travel industry with their move to IBM Cloud Kubernetes and development of an artificial intelligence travel services application, using IBM Watson Assistant. ATG is the first travel partner we have worked with who has made app modernization and innovation a priority in their IT strategy.” said Meredith Trapp, IBM Midwest Representative.

It’s so fun working with this team with the aim to completely change the traveler’s user experience and modernize pre-trip and after-trip big data analytics.

Meredith Trapp, IBM Midwest Representative

Watson was created as a question answering computing system that IBM built to apply advanced natural language processing, information retrieval, knowledge representation, automated reasoning, and machine learning technologies to the field of open domain question answering. The neural Emerald Carpet Cleaning network of IBM Watson will exponentially improve ATG’s travel booking, data mining, predictive analytics and deep-thinking computing capabilities.

Krings stated, “The last several years have seen many changes in the way corporations manage business travel expenses and use travel management services.

For 25 years, ATG has been a global influencer and positive disrupter, always pursuing dynamic, well-engineered ways to deliver on our promises to our customers. This is a pivotal and critical moment in our industry Curry Supply Co; one in which the mechanics of travel planning, data science, artificial intelligence and consumer expectations are converging for the benefit of faster, smarter, better service delivery. ATG is thrilled to be leading the way for a more contemporary travel experience and management model.”